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Counseling for Couples and Men
Premarital Counseling

According to a study conducted by The Fairchild Bridal Group, the average wedding cost over $26,000.  Yet most don’t spend even a fraction of that preparing for the marriage.  Premarital counseling is an investment that pays dividends the rest of your lives.

I do premarital counseling either hourly or as the PREPARE/ENRICH Package.

Hourly Counseling
My hourly billing rate is $90. I use my CPA and Financial Counseling background to go over preparing for marital finances extensively as well as address other issues that come up in marriage. There are typically 4-6 sessions.
Designed specifically for premarital couples, the first session is a 1-hour consultation. Before the next session, the couple fills out the PREPARE/ENRICH inventory. The next 6 sessions focus on the results of the conprehensive inventory and are 90 minutes each. After the marriage, the couple is eligible for 2 marriage counseling sessions at no additional charge within the first year of marriage.

Over 2 million couples have gone through the PREPARE/ENRICH program which discriminates premarital couples that get divorced from those that are happily married with about 80-85% accuracy.  For more information on PREPARE/ENRICH, go to their website.

The cost for the whole package of over 15 hours of counseling is $1,100 if paid up front or $175 per session (7 sessions).