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Counseling for Couples and Men

[This] group gave me impetus to examine why I am feeling the desire to act out and it gave me areas of my self to examine for evidence of the cause of that temptation, to search for the deeper need that is tempting me to take an easy “fix.” –Richard

Connections Small Group

Porn, strip clubs and other counterfeit sexual experiences are like salt water.  Feeling parched, you think they will quench your thirst but they only leave you more thirsty and slowly kill you inside. If you’ve tried to stop

drinking that salt water on your own but always go back you know what I’m talking about.  Do you feel like you’ve lost control in this area of your life?  Are your relationships suffering?  You may be taking risks that have dire consequences.  Often the shame is almost too much to bear.  There is hope.

The Connections small group (“CSG”) is for men who want to make healthier choices in their lives, who want to be quenched with real water.  If you’re only trying to stop your behavior without examining internal motivations, you’re battling defenseless against an enemy fully armed.  This group is a safe place to explore what is behind your struggles and is keeping you from the authentic relationships for which you were made.  It’s a confidential place to venture deeper.

CSG is a therapeutic group which means it’s led by a therapist with each session focusing on a specific topic. If you’re already in individual therapy or part of a peer-led group (SA, SAA, Samson Society), this is meant to supplement, not replace, them.  If you aren’t part of those types of groups, this group is a great place to start.
The group will meet in the Cool Springs area on Tuesdays from 8:00 – 9:30 p.m. for 10 weeks, starting on July 10th.  The cost is $35 per session which includes all materials. Space is limited to 6 men. Call 615.519.9945 with questions or to set up a free, 20 minute consultation and reserve your spot in the group today.

In addition to group time, group members are encouraged to do some work on their own, outside the group. Click here to see a sample of the "Daily Disciplines." A different set of Daily Disciplines is given each week.